EIPEN is a society with active/effective institutional members and supportive individual members. A membership lasts for at least 3 years. Individual membership entitles you to benefit from reduced registration fees for conferences and workshops. Institutional members are members of the General Assembly, to decide on the policy and strategy of the society. The membership provides a substantial reduction on conference registration fees and the opportunity to participate in seminars (open to all staff members of the member organization).

Active institutional members:

Artevelde University College Ghent (Belgium), since 2012, represented by Andre Vyt
University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), Faculty of Health Sciences, since 2012, represented by Matic Kavcic
Zuyd University Heerlen (Netherlands), since 2012, represented by Anita Stevens
Oulu University of Applied Sciences, School of Health and Social Care, since 2012, represented by Tiina Tervaskanto-Maentausta
AQARTO Agency for Quality Assurance Assistance Auditing & Assessment (Belgium), since 2014, represented by Carine Bogaerts
PXL University College (Belgium), since 2014, represented by Wouter Grommen
Hogeschool Gent University College (Belgium), since 2014, represented by Leen Van Landschoot
Antwerp University and University Colleges Association (AUHA), Belgium, since 2018, represented by Paul Van Royen
Fontys School for Allied Health Professions (Netherlands), since 2016, represented by M. van Eeden
CAREUM Educational Development Foundation (Switzerland), since 2016, represented by Gabriele Schroeder
HESAV Haute Ecole de Santé Vaud (Switzerland), since 2016, represented by Nadine Oberhauser
Institut et Haute Ecole de la Santé La Source (Switzerland), since 2016, represented by Anne Mairesse
Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Dept. Health & Wellbeing (Netherlands), since 2016, represented by Monique Mensen
Radboud UMC Health Academy (Netherlands), since 2017, represented by Marjon Breteler
​​​​​​​Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands), since 2018, represented by Jos Verweij
​​​​​​​Hochschule fur Gesundheid Bochum (Germany), since 2018, represented by Marietta Handgraaf
Maastricht University, Dept. of Family Medicine, since 2018, represented by Loes Van Bokhoven
Hanzehogeschool Groningen, Faculty of Health, since 2020, represented by Freek Bronda

Applying for membership

Membership is open to organizations and individuals of all European countries. It is entered for a minimum period of 3 years and is paid annually or for a longer period. The rate depends on the number of staff members, expressed in FTE (full time equivalent). A special reduction applies when taking a five-year or a ten-year membership. In this case the special rate of 75% is valid for 5 years and 50% for 10 years and has to be paid in advance for the 5- or 10-years period.
Normal rates:
Institutions, faculties or departments up to 100 FTE staff members: 200 €/year
Institutions, faculties or departments up to 250 FTE staff members: 500 €/year
Institutions, faculties or departments up to 500 FTE staff members: 1000€/year
Individuals: 60€/year
We welcome and value your membership! Contact us for further information.